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Welcome to KAMcast and KAMcastKIDS Podcasts! 

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Welcome to KAMcastKIDS!!

KAMcastKIDS – We’re the podcast FOR kids, BY kids. Our hosts and guests bring fun, inspiration, and motivation as kids and teenpreneurs work together with The KAM Project. Our KAMcastKIDS Host is an 11- year old, How-To Baker, Social Media Influencer, and CEO of Whisk it with flAVA. She interviews youth; facilitates interactive activities; and shares tips, creative ideas, and advice in developing businesses.

Welcome to the KAMcast!

KAMcast Host, Samara Hurley, interviews older teens, parents, mentors, authors, entrepreneurs, and specialists providing tips, advice, education, inspiration, and a supportive community to Kid and Teen Entrepreneurs.